Daniel’s Speaking Topics:

  • Growing up Joel’s Son – The Real Story
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Mom…Dad…I want to farm!
  • Pastured Rabbits
  • Pastured Poultry
  • Salad Bar Beef
  • Family Friendly Farming – Son’s Point Of View
  • Healthy Farms – 10 Commandments For Helping Your Kids Love The Farm
  • Multi-Species Grazing Plan: Maximizing pastureland for minimal hay feeding and increased fertility. Looking at annual grass-growth cycle, herd needs, and saving for winter. See how chickens and other animals fit into this plan.
  • Farm Labor Finding and keeping energetic team players on the farm. From family to interns to employees. Do you have the skills needed to be a good team captain?
  • Getting the most from your beef and pork: Communicating with your local butcher. Learning to speak the same language.

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