Farm Equipment and Supplies


  • Axles/Wheels - Northern Tool and Equipment 800-556-7885
  • Greenhouse Kits - Stuppy - 800-733-5025
  • Greenhouse Coverings - Northern Greenhouses - 204-327-5540
  • Shade Cloth - A.M. Leonard - 800-543-8955
  • Tarps and Waterproof Coverings - Farmtek - 800-327-6835


  • Aluminum Electric Fence Wire - Jeffers - 800-533-3377
  • Electric Fencing - Premier 1 - 800-282-6631
  • Electric Fence Insulators and Gate Handles - Jeffers - 800-533-3377


  • Bandsaw Blades - Lenox - 800-952-8288
  • Bandsaw Mill - Turner Bandmills - 607-843-7318
  • Forestry - Forestry Suppliers, Inc. - 800-647-5368


  • Biologicals - New Country Organics - 540-946-8080
  • Forage Seeds - Grazing Systems Supply - 812-934-4474
  • Livestock Mineral - Fertrell - 717-367-1566
  • Planters II - U.S. Soil - 877-287-7645


  • Office Supplies - Reliable 800-735-4000


  • Chicken Processing Equipment
    • Featherman Equipment 660-684-6035
    • Cornerstone Farm Ventures 800-249-1585
  • Insulated Cooler Bags - Earth Savvy Products - 215-348-7740
  • Labels - MTS Equipment - 800-289-3444
  • Packaging - Uline 800-295-5510
  • Plastic Bags - Dutch Valley Foods 717-933-4191
  • Processing/Knives - Bunzl - 800-456-5624
  • Meat Book that helps explain cuts to your processor - highly recommended by Daniel -The Meat Buyers Guide : Meat, Lamb, Veal, Pork and Poultry


  • Egg Cartons - PCA - 717-653-8551
  • Hatchery - Ridgeway - 740-499-2163
  • Hatchery - JM Hatchery (Freedom Rangers) - 717-354-5950
  • Hatchery -Murray McMurray - 515-832-3280
  • Poultry Supply
    • Cornerstone Farm Ventures 800-249-1585
    • Featherman Equipment 660-684-6035
    • Nasco Farm and Ranch 800-558-9595
    • Premier Poultry Solutions 800-282-6631


  • Pig Drinker - Farmer Boy Ag Supply - Polyface uses the 85 gallon one
  • Hog Feeder - Osborne Livestock Equipment


  • Rabbit Feeders - Bass 800-798-0150
  • Rabbit Nest Boxes - Bass - 800-798-0150


  • Farm and Garden Tools - A.M. Leonard Horticulture and Tool Supply Co. 800-543-8955


  • Bilge Pump - Paxton - 757-853-6781
  • Full Flow Valves - Neville Supply 989-386-4522
  • Pond Accessories - Aquatic Eco-Systems - 877-347-4788
  • Water Meters - Aquatic Eco-Systems 877-347-4788

 Organizations and Magazines we recommend for Farmers

  • Acres USA - 800-355-5313 - The world’s leading forum for ecological food and agriculture. This magazine is not afraid to print the unspeakable, and dares to challenge the most entrenched paradigms of conventional scientific thought. A true masterpiece.
  • Countryside Magazine & Small Stock Journal - 800-551-5691 -A reader-written magazine sharing small farmer and self-sufficiency philosophy and how-to information. From canning to herbs to cordwood construction, every issue has at least three clippable articles.
  • Eager Farmer - An online help wanted site connecting experienced farmers, educated farm managers, established land owners and eager wannabe farmers. A place to go for all your people needs in farming.
  • Eat Wild - 866-453-8489 - Jo Robinson’s most current scientific discoveries extolling the virtues of pasture-based meat, poultry, and eggs, including the most comprehensive national directory for producers.
  • Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund - (703) 208-FARM (3276) - protecting the right to buy the food of your choice from the source of your choice; legal templates for raw milk herdshares; real time legal counsel on direct food commerce issues.
  • In Practice - 505-842-5252 - The official magazine of Holistic Management, a thought process distilled and first articulated by Allan Savory. Truly the idea place where deep ecology meets truth, without agendas and without prejudice.
  • Ranching for Profit - 707-429-2292 - Under the able leadership of Dave Pratt, this cutting edge outfit offers some of the best business advice out there. These folks practice entrepreneurial and profitable land and relationship healing. Truly remarkable.
  • Stockman Grass Farmer - 800-748-9808 -The international mecca for all who espouse pasture-based livestock. Editor Allan Nation’s monthly column distills his eclectic and voracious reading habit into humorous and practical advice.
  • VICFA - 434-263-8704 - Virginia Independent Consumers and Farmers Association. A state prototype political activist organization, co-founded by Joel, to promote unregulated free trade between farmers and consumers. Monthly newsletter.
  • Weston A Price Foundation - 202-363-4394 -Founded by Sally Fallon and based on the work of Weston A. Price, a dentist who traveled the world in the 1930s-40s discovering the secrets of longevity and superior health. The definitive integrity food consumer activist/educational organization.

Website Resources

  • AaaTex Shopping Cart Integrator - 386-322-3850 - We use AaaTex Shopping Cart Integrator for linking our on-line buying club shopping cart to Quickbooks. Mr Charratte, owner and operator at AaaTex, is extremely helpful and will custom design his program to meet your needs. Be sure to tell him that we sent you. For more information on our shopping cart and buying club set up, contact Sheri.
  • Hostmonster - 866-573-4678 - PHP Based websites. You choose your own domain, includes email addresses. Used for the Zen-Cart software and all of our websites. Polyface receives a credit for referring folks to this site. We appreciate your letting them know that you heard about them from us or simply using our link to sign up.
  • iContact Newsletter - 877-820-7837 - This program sends out individual emails to each of your customers. It will check each email for spam content and lets you track each email to see how effective they are. Also has the capability to set the newsletters to go out in advance. They have wonderful customer service - USA customer service.
  • McMillin Website Design - 757-721-2464 - David McMillin is a fantastic website designer who we used to design this site and our buying club site. He is wonderful at taking your ideas and vague conceptions and putting them into a beautifully organized website. He is a joy to work with and puts everything into layman’s terms for us non-computer savvy folks. Be sure to tell him that we sent you!
  • Simple Machines Forum - An Open Source forum. User friendly for both moderator and customer. We use for our frequently asked questions for buying clubs.
  • PHP Codes - Sheri’s cheat sheet for simple PHP codes.
  • Zen-Cart - An open source shopping cart software. Can be customized to fit your specific needs. We use this for our Gift shop and our Buying club order blank.


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