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TIME: This Land is Your Land - Joel Salatin wants to lead America back to the farm

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  • Greener Pastures - The Age - November 2012
  • Joel Salatin Inspires at Heritage Harvest Fest - Mother Earth News, September 2012
  • Tom Harbold: Local producers have much to offer - The Carroll County Times, June 2012
  • Orange to host summer food festival featuring Joel Salatin, others - The Front Burner, February 2012
  • They’re Making â€?100 Bowls of Soup’ - The Connection to your Community, February 2012
  • Salatin dances with dinner, urges others to do the same - The Rapidian, January 2012
  • Joel Salatin reflects on city life, kitchen time and the Grand Rapids chicken fight - The Rapidian, January 2012
  • ‘Food for Thought’ - Seacoast Online, January 2012


  • Inside Polyface Farm, Mecca of Sustainable Agriculture - The Atlantic, July 2011
  • What Can a Lunatic Farmer Teach Us - Off the Grid News, July 2011
  • 5 QUESTIONS for farmer Joel Salatin on Eat Local! Week - Daily Camera, August 2011
  • An Interview with Joel Salatin, the most Influential Farmer in America - Country Farm Lifestyles, August 2011
  • This Land is Your Land - Time Magazine, October 2011

“Organic is just the beginning: why stop there?” asks Joel Salatin

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Ecological Eating

Joel Salatin

ACRES USA ECOLOGICAL EATING by Joel Salatin As farmers, we enjoy conversations about soil, water, animal husbandry, horticulture and every other kind of production nuance. That’s as it should be. But all of this production is meaningless without someone to … Read more

Joel Salatin, Daniel & Sheri Salatin bring Fields of Farmers to Oceania {Feb-Mar 2014}


Joel Salatin + Daniel & Sheri Salatin bring ‘Fields of Farmers‘ to  Oceania Feb-March 2014 BOOK NOW!! • NZ/AOTEAROA • NTH COAST NSW • NTH TAS • STH TAS • SA • WA • WHY? OUR BIG QUESTIONS!  Do you want to have our agricultural landscapes bereft … Read more

Fields of Farmers

Cover--Fields of Farmers thumbnail2

America’s average farmer is sixty years old. When young people can’t get in, old people can’t get out. Approaching a watershed moment, our culture desperately needs a generational transfer of millions of farm acres facing abandonment, development, or amalgamation into … Read more

Field of Farmers - Feb 2013 in Australia

joel and daniel

‘Get it Sorted’ with a great new workshop featuring Joel & Daniel Salatin… In February 2013, for the first anywhere in the world, father & son Joel & Daniel Salatin present an entirely new workshop, ‘Fields of Farmers: The Next … Read more

Photos from Taranaki Farm in Woodend, Victoria, Australia


October 2012 - Woodend, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

From Joel Salatin - June 1, 2012

Joel Salatin

From Joel Salatin    June 1, 2012  Ever since Americans convinced elected officials that organic licensure was an important function of the government, Polyface has been vilified, misunderstood, and often mistrusted for not participating in the program.  We’e spent a … Read more

Folks, This Ain’t Normal

Folks this aint normal C

Joel’s newest book was released on October 10, 2011. FOLKS,THIS AIN’T NORMAL is written in Salatin’s entertaining and informative style that reflects his dirt-under- the- fingernails experience punctuated with mischievious humor , and yet it’s a serious look at our … Read more