Several former apprentices have agreed to share what they are doing in their part of the world. Perhaps one of these farms is nearer to you than Swoope, Virginia.  Many people ask us about what our apprentice graduates are doing. While many are not farming, some are, and doing it quite effectively. If you would like to learn from them, or just see what they are doing, or buy their products, here are the ones who are actively farming and who agreed to be featured on this list.

Galen Bontrager - Kalona, IA

galen picture

Galen Bontrager, an apprentice in 2003-2004 has gone back to his roots in Iowa. He currently farms full-time raising salad bar beef, salad bar lamb, pastured broilers, turkey, and eggs. He conducts farm tours and does speaking engagements as well. … Read more

Nathan Vergin - North Garden, VA


Born in 1988 Nathan Vergin grew up on his family’s farm in MN where they raised cows, goats, sheep, ducks, chickens and pigs. Being home-schooled allowed him to work full time at Shepherds Way Farm, a large sheep dairy and … Read more

Jordan Green - Edinburg, VA

Jordan & Laura Green

Jordan Green experienced Polyface as an apprentice from September 2001 through November 2002. From 2004 through July 2009 he served his Country in the United States Marine Corps. In July 2009 Jordan and his wife Laura, started their own farm … Read more

Peter Burns - Ridgway, PA


Pete Burns graduated from Polyface’s Apprenticeship program in 2005.  He came back to his home farm with a renewed vision of where to take it.  10 years later his family farm: Heritage Farm, is a thriving multi-species pasture based farm … Read more

Nathan Joppeck - Wellington, OH

Nathan Joppeck and family

Nathan Joppeck graduated from the Polyface apprenticeship program in 2005 and now farms in Wellington, Ohio with his wife, Jessica, and son, Owen. He also receives help from his parents and brother. Nathan’s farm, Fair View Meadow Farm, is a … Read more

Tyler Jones - Corvallis, OR

Lauren Hurt Photography

Afton Field Farm Tyler Jones was an apprentice 2002-2003 and now farms fulltime in Corvallis Oregon with his wife Alicia on their 106 acre farm, Afton Field Farm. They raise pastured poultry (eggs, broilers and turkeys) oak savanna pork, and … Read more