Polyface routinely receives requests from around the world to come for a few days or more and follow us around.  The requests normally end with:  “I’m sure I can earn my keep.”  Please, no offense, but no, you can’t.  We even tried offering this at $1,000 for 5 days, but that still did not compensate us for the disruption.

This is a for-profit genuine working farm.  When people tag-along, we are constantly answering questions and trying to keep them from being run over or in the wrong place.  The divided focus makes us forget tools, to close (or open) gates, and cost us valuable time in efficiently going about our duties.

We offer fairly unlimited access to come and see on your own.  You can come to the semi-monthly lunatic tour.  You can come to the seminars.  But please, please do not ask to come and follow us around for a couple of days.  It just doesn’t work.

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